Engage your child in fun learning activities.  Staying involved in your child’s life may be THE deterrent that keeps your child off the streets and out of prison.  As one article puts it, “You don’t have to be perfect, just present.”

More than two-thirds (66%) of incarcerated youth had relatives who were incarcerated; 25% a father and 25% a sibling. At one time, passing a legacy on to our children meant presenting them with better opportunities for success. Today, leaving a legacy could mean passing on the potential for prison life.

Parental engagement on a daily basis is critical to your child’s healthy development – affecting self-esteem, education achievement and decision making capabilities.   The more you interact with your child, the more secure your child feels.

According to psychologist, Jeanne Williams, “Healthy and regular parental engagement creates a secure base for the child from which they are more likely to make healthy choices. It keeps communication lines open so that the child is more likely to discuss those choices with the parents. …Spending more time together lessens a child’s opportunities to make poor choices and it allows more opportunities for parents to talk through the complexities of making choices.”

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