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“Whenever a discussion takes place that evokes an emotion in nearly every person in the room – we witness the genesis of an Assignment – a Clarion Call to Action.” Janice Hatcher Liggins, Leadership Maryland, October, 2010

Greetings and Welcome to The Clarion Call, Inc. website.

The Clarion Call presents a paradigm shift in community response and responsibility for protecting and empowering at-risk youth.

For years I had sensed that something was wrong in the community, but I didn’t know what it was. In 2010 I participated in Leadership Maryland which exposes leaders from around the state, to various issues, challenges, resources and opportunities across the state. One such exposure was to a maximum security state prison where our class of 52 leaders had an intimate tour of the massive facility – including my opportunity to enter one of the prison cells, door closed. The prison visit produced the most riveting experience I had ever encountered; it changed the course of my life. The quote at the top of this page is the charge I made to my Leadership Maryland classmates, who were also riveted by the prison visit. Turning passion into action birthed The Clarion Call.


The Clarion Call establishes quality of life conditions where at-risk youth become productive citizens, prepared for college, work, and life.

Just as I was, there are too many in our community who are unaware of, or apathetic toward, the massive and systemic incarceration rates of at-risk youth, particularly young African American boys. The Clarion Call is a wake-up call; it is an awareness to the community of the systemic challenges at hand. It is a call to action for, and from, those most vulnerable.

We know there are significant numbers of nonprofit organizations currently serving the at-risk community; however, there is little coordination and collaboration among them. Compounded with little communication or outreach into the communities needing their services, nonprofit effectiveness is hampered, and community impact is minimized.

The Clarion Call, through outreach and collaboration, supports both the nonprofit and the at-risk youth needing their services. As such, The Clarion Call bridges the gap between the at-risk community and a collaborative network of providers. As “Coordinators of Care … Cradle to Career”, The Clarion Call ensures that each youth engaged in our process receives the level of support and type of support required.

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