Our Impact

Two of our most significant family engagements are highlighted below:

  • A 14-year old was arrested for possession with intent to distribute.  The 14-year-old’s big brother (26) told his mom about The Clarion Call.  His mom contacted us for help and we referred her to a ‘diversion’ program that focuses on alternatives to incarceration.  The mother and 14-year-old were required to participate in the diversion program.  The youth appeared for his hearing in July.  Rather than receiving jail time, he received 24 hours of community service and must maintain a 3.0 GPA.  Excellent results!
  • A mother who home-schooled her 15-year old son became very ill.  For years, she had maintained a very active schedule of events for her son, but was now hospitalized and too ill to continue.  The Clarion Call identified two different organizations with programs and activities that engaged her son for nearly the whole summer.  One program was a week-long music immersion camp.  The second was a five-week TV production camp.  Now, Mother is better, and the son  is happy with his new-found love for TV production.

We would love to make a difference for you and your family.

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