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The Clarion Call is an outreach and collaborative organization supporting both the nonprofit and the at-risk youth needing their services. As such, The Clarion Call bridges the gap between the at-risk community and a collaborative network of providers.   We use an approach we call “Coordination of Care… Cradle to Career” through which we:


  • Provide a Collaborative Network of Providers — Nonprofit Collaboration

We collaborate with a network of nonprofits and organizations serving the at-risk population in Health, Education, Mentoring, Family, Spiritual, Fitness, Adventure, STEM, Arts, and Volunteerism.

  • Outreach Into the At-risk Community — Outreach and Community Awareness

Community awareness and civic engagement are paramount which is why we alert the community of the issues at hand.  We identify at-risk youth and families in the community, assess their needs and refer them to the appropriate provider for support.

  • Bridge the Gap — Coordination of Care

We bridge the gap between families and providers through coordination of care.  Our intricate outreach program manages continually updated information to help both families and community providers. We promote providers to the community and we promote the community to providers.

 Community Challenges

There are too many in our community who are unaware of, or apathetic toward, the massive and systemic incarceration rates of at-risk youth, particularly young African American boys. Crime across the area has gone down dramatically, yet nonviolent arrest rates continually rise, resulting in even more incarcerations. The impact of incarceration continues to ripple through our community with two-thirds of juveniles arrested coming from families with another arrested family member. Incarceration breeds association with more delinquent peers, increased criminal behavior, lack of educational and employment opportunities and increased recidivism.

Although a significant number of nonprofit organizations serve the at-risk community, there is little coordination and collaboration among them. Compounded with little communication or outreach into the communities needing their services, nonprofit effectiveness is hampered and community impact is minimized.

Our Response to the Challenges

As “Coordinators of Care”, The Clarion Call ensures that each youth engaged in our process receives the level of support and type of support required to empower youth to excel.

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