About The Clarion Call

The Clarion Call presents a paradigm shift in community response and responsibility for protecting and empowering our youth. We are a community services provider dedicated to serving at-risk youth with a high propensity toward incarceration. Our goal is to stem the flow of at-risk youth toward the prison system as we Expose, Engage, Enlighten and Empower our youth to excel.  The Clarion Call is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation registered in  the state of Maryland.

Our approach to prison prevention engages our youth, our community, and nonprofits serving them through a collaborative effort to stem the flow of at-risk youth toward incarceration.  Our program also strengthens the nonprofit infrastructure and program-level supports.  As “Coordinators of Care”, our desire is to ensure that youth who engage in our process receive the level and type of support required.


The Clarion Call establishes quality of life conditions where at-risk youth become productive citizens, prepared for college, work, and life.


“Whenever a discussion takes place that evokes an emotion in nearly every person in the room – we witness the genesis of an Assignment – a Clarion Call to Action.” Janice Liggins, Leadership Maryland, October, 2010

The Clarion Call was conceived in response to a burgeoning epidemic taking place in Prince George’s and Baltimore Counties (Maryland) –the systemic flow of youth toward the prison system.  Founder Janice Liggins noted on her application for Leadership Maryland, 2010, that “Something needs to be done to keep young black boys from being distracted.”  Following a visit to a state correctional facility as part of the class, Janice also noted a deep-set range of emotions among Leadership Maryland class members. Charged to “face what was felt and DO SOMETHING to address the issue, Liggins translated emotion and passion into a call to action – hence, The Clarion Call.

After a year of exhaustive research into the systemic patterns that feed the prison pipeline, The Clarion Call was Incorporated in December 2011 and received its 501(c)(3) nonprofit status in April 2012. The inaugural Board of Directors meeting was held In May 2012.  The first grant application was approved also in May, 2012.