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we Achieve a World Class Education in Maryland

Efforts are underway in Annapolis to ensure world-class education in Maryland. The Kirwan Commission Policy Initiatives propose 1) early childhood education, 2) High quality teachers, 3) College and Career pathways, 4) More resources for At-Risk Students, and 5) Governance & Accountability. How can YOU help? Tune in to hear how.


of youth who are incarcerated come from families that already have an incarcerated family member.

What We Do

Community Education and Engagement

Through a variety of outreach and education initiatives, The Clarion Call creates awareness about the systemic challenges that plague our communities and lead to generational patterns of incarceration among minorities and youth of incarcerated parents.

Coordination of Care

The Clarion Call delivers case-managed, coordinated care to underserved youth, children of the incarcerated, and their families. Clarion works with families to connect them with resources designed to keep the youth and family on a productive path forward and away from activities that fuel the prison pipeline.


The Clarion Call Advocates to modify, alter, or eliminate existing public policies that bolster mass incarceration, add civil penalties to criminal convictions, and that cripple reentry efforts. Clarion partners with specific advocacy organizations that target criminal justice injustices.

Read to Lead

Read to Lead is an innovative reading program that utilizes technology and personal intervention to assess the student’s reading capability and help them to reach or exceed grade-level reading proficiency and comprehension standards.

We have the power to strengthen families of the incarcerated, and we are doing just that!

The Clarion Call’s mission is to close the literacy and achievement gap of underserved youth and children of the incarcerated so that they avoid incarceration, succeed in school, and graduate fully prepared to lead productive lives.

With a focus on prison prevention, The Clarion Call works to stem the flow of youth toward the prison system, with emphasis on children of the incarcerated.  Clarion works with families to connect them with resources designed to keep them – youth and family – on a productive path forward and away from activities and peer groups that progress them toward the school to prison pipeline.  We strengthen families to thrive, empower them to advocate, and coach families towards a productive future.

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Briefing: Maryland Reading Crisis - A Clarion Call to Action!

If you have a passion for children, education, and ending the school-to-prison pipeline, join this free briefing to learn about the Read To Lead program and how you can make a difference. We'll discuss the correlation between low literacy, trauma, and incarceration. Then, we'll explain how the Read To Lead Learning Lab will close the literacy and achievement gap in underserved youth. Don't miss this event; help us tackle the reading crisis and improve educational outcomes in Maryland!

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