What We Do


Making a Difference One Family at a Time


The Clarion Call Advocates to modify, alter, or eliminate existing public policies that bolster mass incarceration, add civil penalties to criminal convictions, and that cripple reentry efforts. Clarion partners with specific advocacy organizations that target criminal justice injustices.

In the U.S., African Americans are more likely to be exposed to discrimination, injustices, unfair treatments, and other inequities if they are economically disadvantaged, underrepresented, and underserved. Ultimately, to correct these ills, people must come together to take a stand against the status quo and impose the will of what’s right against the will of what’s wrong. To accomplish this, The Clarion Call works with local leaders and social advocacy groups to influence changes in legislation that are used to impartially target at risk groups and create discriminatory practices that play a major role in mass incarceration. We also partner with specific advocacy organizations that are focused on targeting systemic injustices in the criminal justice system.


Phone: (301) 464-7305 | Email: Connect@TheClarionCall.info | Address: 12138 Central Avenue, #414, Bowie, Maryland 20721