What We Do


Making a Difference One Family at a Time

Community Education and Engagement

Through a variety of outreach and education initiatives, The Clarion Call creates awareness about the systemic challenges that plague our communities and lead to generational patterns of incarceration among minorities and youth of incarcerated parents. Education is key toward stemming the flow of youth towards the prison system. The Clarion Call seeks to disrupt the school to prison pipeline while strengthening families to thrive.

We are committed to educating and providing direction to the community. Through townhall meetings, civic gatherings, media communications, and personal involvement, we lift our voices to ensure the community is aware of issues, conditions, and circumstances that negatively impact our neighborhoods and infringe upon our ability to enjoy the rights and liberties we are entitled to as citizens. Systemic changes are challenging but in every civilized society there comes a time when things need to change. The Clarion Call engages with local and state governments and stays well informed to ensure the community is armed with the knowledge necessary to make change a reality.

If you’re interested in hosting The Clarion Call for a community outreach session in your local church or community center, send an email to connect@theclarioncall.info with details about your needs.


Community Engagement Highlights

The Clarion Call Town Hall on Mass Incarceration with Bowie State University

In April 2016, The Clarion Call hosted a Town Hall on Mass Incarceration in conjunction with Bowie State University. Clarion assembled a team of subject-matter experts to bring awareness to issues related to mass incarceration and the disparities in arrest of African Americans. The United States has only 5% of the world’s population, but 25% of the world’s inmates. One in three U.S. black boys born in 2001 will be incarcerated in their lifetime.

The Clarion Call Town Hall on Police-Community Relations with Bowie State University

In October 2016, at the invitation of Bowie State University, The Clarion Call hosted a second Town Hall on Police Community Relations. The town hall addressed the many challenges confronting the local community relative to police interactions. Breakout sessions and discussions resulted in several proposed reforms.


A member of the Clarion team co-facilitated a discussion with African American men about issues affecting them in their community. The Clarion Call hosted this community event to discuss the social and political issues impacting high incarceration rates and other challenges facing Black men.

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